Curriculum for Excellence

Stromness Primary School currently has 6 composite classes from Primary 1 to  7 with a school role of approximately 125 pupils. The children are taught using the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence Experiences and Outcomes.

What is Curriculum for Excellence?

Curriculum for Excellence places learners at the heart of education. At its centre are four fundamental capacities. These capacities reflect and recognise the lifelong nature of education and learning. The four capacities are aimed at helping children and young people to become:

  • Successful learners
  • Confident individuals
  • Responsible citizens
  • Effective contributors

Curriculum levels

The broad general education has five levels:

Early Level (usually achieved by the end of Primary 1, but sooner or later for some)

First Level (usually achieved by the end of Primary 4, but sooner or later for some)

Second Level (usually achieved by the end of Primary 7, but sooner or later for some)

Third and fourth Levels cover Secondary 1 – 3.

The senior phase is designed to build on the experiences and outcomes of the broad general education, and to allow young people to take qualifications and courses that suit their abilities and interests.

Curriculum areas

There are eight curriculum areas:

  • Expressive arts
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Languages (including English, Gàidhlig, Gaelic (Learners), modern languages and classical languages)
  • Mathematics
  • Religious and moral education (including Religious and moral education and Religious education in Roman Catholic schools)
  • Sciences
  • Social studies
  • Technologies.

Literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing are recognised as being particularly important – these areas are seen as being the ‘responsibility of all’ staff.

For more information visit: Scottish Government Education website